Contracted Membership

Monthly Unlimited Rides-3 Months
*Instructor or Virtual Rides
*Monthly payments are automatic
$60.00 /month
Monthly Unlimited Rides-12 Months
*One free guest each month *Instructor or Virtual Rides
*Free in-studio events *Monthly payments are automatic
$50.00 /month

Non-Contract Series

1 Ride
3 Rides
5 Rides
10 Rides
Expires in 3 months
20 Rides
Expires in 6 months
1 Month Unlimited
3 Month Unlimited Pre Paid
12 Month Unlimited Pre Paid
Vitrual Ride
Cannot make an instructor ride?
Come in and take a virtual ride!
No Excuses... Let's Ride!
Included with Unlimited Membership


2+ People living at same address
Monthly Unlimited Rides
12 months
$99.00 /month

Gift Cards

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